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How did Ozigo's success story begin?

The foundations of the story that brought our Ozigo brand to its current success were actually laid in 1992. At that time, in a similar sector; We were serving on forest products and hardware construction market. Our experience and good customer relations in this field have led us to meet the needs especially for the manufacturing sector. With this understanding, we established our Ozigo brand in 2005.

What are the details we attach importance to in production?

When we look at the present, Ozigo has a very important place acting as a locomotive for the dynamics of the sector. During the entire institutionalization process of this brand, we worked by targeting its current position. Especially in the field of technology, we have made quality accessible in a faster and more reliable way by making serious investments in machinery and software infrastructure every year. In this process, we are also in cooperation with foreign brands that have proven themselves in the sector we are in. While Turkey distributor of companies of German and Swedish origin; We offer domestic craftsmanship to our customers at the same time with the vision of these brands that are leaders in their position. This is another important point that makes us privileged. In addition to these, time management is also a priority for us. We fully adhere to the contracts and protocols we have signed for both our employees and customers, and we deliver our products on time.

What should customers pay attention to when choosing a membrane cover?

The most important point in terms of satisfaction is to reach the quality in decoration and to be able to produce according to one's own demand. Without compromising the quality of the products we produce, we make special productions that will suit each person's usage area. In particular, the longevity of the raw materials used, the durability and variety of the product are the focus of the customer. At this point, it is of course our duty to fully provide the imagined design and functionality. We do not work solely on design; We also attach importance to the fact that Ozigo is a comfortable, useful, healthy product that does not wear out easily. People carefully choose all the details in the environments where they are most comfortable and happiest. As the Ozigo family, we build the comfort areas they desire, down to the smallest details, with our experienced human resources, technological production lines, design competence and sectoral experience for our customers who prefer us.

How would you describe the privileges of Ozigo customers?

As we mentioned before, Ozigo is a fully customer-oriented brand. This does not only mean creating products in line with customers' tastes. Today, in many sectors, including ours, people complain about the lack of after-sales support. We take a very serious stance on this issue. A customer who has met with the Ozigo brand can reach us with any problem even after years and get the necessary support from us. Currently, we are a brand that hosts an average of 15,000 to 20,000 residences annually. We export to 7 countries around the world with a network of dealers and customers in 60 provinces in the country. In this whole process, we aim to ensure the continuity and development of our brand, which is advancing one step further in its field every day, on the basis of our discipline. In the short term, we aim to have a wider export network in Turkey and around the world. For this, we will continue to bring together inspiring ideas, impressive designs, superior quality, elegance, durability, the right raw materials and high-level customer relations with our brand. As Ozigo family, we are with you whenever you want!

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